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genii IPTV+ Reseller

Genii IPTV+ is one of the fastest growing IPTV providers in the market, using the latest technologies and top servers to provide you with a service of optimal quality to follow your favorite programs quickly. We offer an lucrative reseller plan that allows you to grow and manage your own customer base.

Buy Credits

Buy Credits. Provide FREE 24 Hour Trials.  Create New Lines. Manage Users I'ts That Simple.  

Find Customers

Just focus on marketing the service, the infrastructure is already set up for you. 

Get Paid

Earn From Each Line you Sell. Become A Genii IPTV+ Reseller And Start Earning Money. 


You can also start Sub-Reseller IPTV panels to distributors to work. Maximize your Growth

IPTV reselling is still one of the hottest businesses in the US and around the world.

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Get Started

Start Up

To be in partnership with us:
Sub-reseller buy and start minimum 15 accounts.

15 Credits = $200

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Get Started


Our Most Popular

Sub-reseller buys minimum 50 Credits. Once 50 credits are sold you now can become a reseller!

50 Credits = $300

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Get Started

Executive Reseller

Supercharge your PROFITS

To become a Reseller you must have sold 50 accounts or more.


You can now create sub-reseller panels for your customers.

100 Credits = $500

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Credit Points cost for IPTV resellers

1 Credit = 1 Monthly Subscription

24 Hr Free Trials = No Cost

1 Month IPTV subscription = 1 Credit Points

3 Months IPTV subscription = 3 Credit Points

6 Months IPTV subscription = 6 Credit Points

1 Year IPTV subscription = 12 Credit Points

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