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Why Choose Us??

99.9% Uptime

More than 100 stable servers, ensuring 99% uptime, satisfying thousands of clients.

Support multiple connections

Multi-connections subscription can be used simultaneously on multiple devices & platforms without interruption. You can choose to use for example, to connect your Living room TV and your bedroom TV and watch your favorite program at the same time (Simultaneously).

Optimized Streaming

To deliver the best possible video, our team created a new approach. All content we offer are optimized to prevent lagging.

 Our player is constantly analyzing and taking options to give each of your users the best possible video it can. You won’t find anything near as comprehensive as this in any other video player in the market.

Custom IPTV App

A good user experience keeps our customers returning. Your  information is secure, and only accessible by you. 

Very easy to navigate and fun to use. High-quality EPG (TV Guide) with a user-friendly interface does not make you feel frustrated.

Free Trials & Fast Activation

Get started quickly. You can enjoy the best IPTV Trial with Genii IPTV+ fully Free for 3 days. Test the quality streams and stability and then decide to sign up

Over 10,000 US and World


Genii IPTV+ always offers up to 10,000 Live channels with 20,000 VoDs. Genii IPTV+ is renowned for a variety of channels.


Sports, Entertainment, Business, Comedy, Kids, Documentaries, Education, Family, Fashion, General, Health, History, Movies, News, Music, Travel, Weather, etc channels are available on

Genii IPTV+.


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